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I capture moments that tell the story of a couple, a family, a new birth and all those big and small milestones in our lives.

From the sweet little dimples on a toddlers hands to the way a husband looks at his wife when they share a secret.
 Those little snuggles and giggles, even the tears that happen in a day between those we love.   The REAL stuff that tells the story of our lives. 

I began my journey as an artist when I was a child, always daydreaming (ask my teachers), drawing, coloring & designing.  I attended Columbia College Chicago and majored in Graphic Design but also took several other art classes.  I have always had a love for creating and photography was one of my creative outlets. 

In 2009 I began gingersnapps and though my style has gone thru a bit of an evolution since then, at the core I just wanted to capture the organic (lifestyle) moments that matter.  I have been fortunate to work with many clients who I now call friends. 

I offer custom luxury photography to my clients who value and cherish their family memories.  Lifestyle Photography is my true passion. Creating beautiful images and sharing what I truly love. We don't get those moments back, but we can look back and remember all the stories that went along with the little moments that turn into family memories.